Taking Care of Yourself After Limb Loss

If you’ve recently suffered the loss of a limb, taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, is more important than ever. If self-care has yet to be a priority, it’s time you make it so. Today on The Liner Wand blog, we’ll offer a few tips and tricks on how to treat yourself well as you learn to live with a limb difference.

Get professional help and advice.

Living a healthy lifestyle is paramount to keeping your body in its best shape after an amputation. However, if you are not already prioritizing wellness, you may need a bit of a boost. Consider looking online for mental and physical health professionals that can get you on the right track. Not only are telehealth visits easier to access, a single online doctor visit is likely more affordable and flexible than at a brick-and-mortar medical office. Most online physicians can even write prescriptions and give you advice on how to care for every part of you.

Build your community.

Any time you are learning to live with the new change in your lifestyle, it can help to have a support group network. Amputee Coalition is a great place to start, and the organization has more than 400 support groups across the US.

Prioritize sleep.

Losing a limb is a major trauma to the body, whether it was due to an existing medical condition or because of a sudden injury. Make a point to get lots of sleep, which Cornerstone Physiotherapy explains can help the healing process by both reducing stress and releasing growth hormones, which are necessary for expedient healing.


Keeping your body fit is one of the most powerful ways you can combat the effects of an amputation, which does have an impact on the body’s natural symmetry. Spend some time strengthening your core muscles with basic crunches, planks, and other exercises, which may be modified to accommodate your new limb difference.

Keep your prosthesis clean.

A clean, sanitary, and fresh prosthesis will go a long way toward helping you come to terms with your new body. The Liner Wand offers a great selection of cleaning kits, travel bags, and accessories to keep your prosthesis in top shape.

Look for new ways to enjoy your favorite activities.

Just as exercise may have to be modified to accommodate a missing arm or leg, your other favorite activities may look a bit different these days, too. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all the things you once loved, and getting out and doing them once again will help you feel a bit more like yourself. One example is working on hand dominance if your favorite pastime involves drawing or writing.

Indulge in quiet time.

While you should make time with friends, family, and your new network, time alone is also important to your self-care endeavors. TED acknowledges that quiet time for self-reflection is crucial for all individuals, especially as we continue to be surrounded by noise, devices, and other visual and auditory clutter. Learn to meditate, do yoga, or simply sit and watch the sunrise or sunset. You may find that it is in these quiet moments that you learn more about yourself and who you are now as an amputee.

Live your best life by prioritizing self-care. Although you may still be trying to acclimate to the way your body is now, you should never neglect your basic needs. Don’t be afraid to get professional help, take care of your hygiene needs, or simply look for new ways to do the things you love. Trust that you will soon learn to live with your limb difference and love yourself for it.