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Yes! The Liner Wand is compatible with all liner materials and goes to work in just seconds!

In a letter from Christopher T. Born (MD, FACS, FAAOS) Director, The Diane N. Weiss Center for Orthopaedic Trauma Research Rhode Island Hospital he wrote;

The Diane N. Weiss Center for Orthopaedic TraumaResearchcollaborateswith scientists and clinicians to address problems relating to musculoskeletal injury. We specialize in the characterization of biomaterials as well as antimicrobial activity and biocompatibility relating to orthopedic infections. We have been researching and performing validation studies on the Apocrine™ coating technology for over 8 years. The testing included friction and wear studies, biocompatibility, and efficacy studies related to the most commonly encountered strains of bacterial and fungal pathogens. We have studied the technology on 4 types of open and closed-cell prosthetic liners: Keasy®(Proteor), Alpha Hybrid®(WillowWood), Thermoplastic/TPE(Ottobock), and alpha Silicone®(WillowWood). We have not observed nor reported any changes or degradation of the liners from repeated application of the Apocrine™coatingtechnologyduring any of our testing.

Yes! Our practice is currently using The Liner Wand with any patient who receives any cushion or locking liner. We have found the product to mitigate skin irritation leading to longer wear time. Patients also find the product decreases odor as well. The Liner Wand is an essential cleaning agent for any prosthetist.

“Apocrine has made a huge impact on the way my amputee patients are able to function on a daily basis. It significantly reduces skin irritations associated with the use of a prosthesis as well as aid in the common odor issues many patients experience with the prosthetic liners.”
– Nunnery Orthotics & Prosthesis Technologies

The Liner Wand contains Apocrine ™, a specially formulated and patented cleaning and decontaminating solution that is designed to leave a barrier coating behind on your liner surface. The effectiveness lies in the patented process of combining isopropyl alcohol, a known disinfecting agent with silver titanium, equally known for its long-lasting bacterial fighting properties. These two components are brought together and activated as you break up the ampoules contained inside the Wand giving you a powerful cleaning and decontaminating agent that acts fast to give you protection from bacteria by-products, which leads to odor and the increased chance of infection. Most users also report a tighter fit and increased comfort!

Our patented formulation cleans and decontaminates leaving a thin protective coating of Apocrine which binds to your liner surfaces and provides long-lasting protection for up to 2 weeks. The coating of Apocrine will eventually wear off and therefore, very heavy usage may remove the coating quicker.

After about 2-weeks of normal use, the liner surface will be free of this coating and will be time to apply another coat.

Absolutely. You should be cleaning your liner daily with TLW Non-soap and gentle scrub brush to remove daily residue build-up. This will not remove the Apocrine protective coating.

Apocrine is safe to use as directed. Once dry, the surface is safe to touch and handle in the usual manner. Please review all safety information contained on the label and in the IFU packaging. DO NOT SWALLOW OR USE ON OBJECTS PLACED IN OR AROUND THE MOUTH. DO NOT USE ON CHILDRENS TOYS.

There is a possibility that the active ingredient in the Liner Wand (Apocrine) may stain some liners a yellow or brown color. This is not damaging to the integrity or function of the liner and actually reflects the Silver Titanium working to coat your liner to provide protection against bacteria residue buildup.


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