Travel Pouches - Travel Kit (2 Week Supply)
Travel Pouches - Travel Kit (2 Week Supply)

Travel/Trial Kit
(2 Week Supply)

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Prosthetist Approved | Compatible with ALL Liners | MADE IN THE USA

Each Liner Wand travel contains a 2 week supply:

  • 1 Travel bag
  • 2 Liner Wand Applicators with Apocrine™ *,
  • 1 Non-soap Cleanser, (4oz)
  • 1 scrub brush

*Apocrine™ patented formula cleans, decontaminates, and coats your liner to eliminate bacterial by-product and build-up, which leads to odor and skin irritation. 

The Liner Wand can NOW be purchased under the FSA program.

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Soap can leave resodie (aka "scum") containing fat that creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

That's why The Liner Wand Non-Soap Cleanser is 100% soap-free! It's also fragrance-free, pH-balanced and formulated without any ingredients that can irritate your skin or damage your liner.

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The Liner Wand's Patented Science

The magic of The Liner Wand system is rooted in its application of patented Apocrine™ technology.**

Apocrine™ uses a proprietary formulation of fast-drying alcohol and solvents to remove dirt and debris while leaving behind a chemically bonded film of titanium dioxide, silver, and silicone. This provides weeks of lasting protection!

How to use The Liner Wand

The Liner Wand uses a sponge tip to deep-clean the surface and apply a single thin coating of our patented Apocrine™ solution.The application of this solution creates a protective titanium barrier that helps decontaminate your liner and remove the bacteria by-products that cause odor and skin irritation.

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