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More Than Just a Hygiene Kit

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Hear from surgeons, psychologists, innovators, and MyLife.MyLiner champions, and meet other members of our amputee community.

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Along with all the latest news from the amputee community and innovation in prosthetics, we will share practical resources on liner management and prosthetic care and give you exclusive access to curated materials, videos, and community events.

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Amputees All Over The U.S. Are Using The Liner Wand

Prosthetist Approved | Compatible with ALL Liners

The first deep cleaning prosthetic liner coating CLINICALLY PROVEN to REDUCE SKIN IRRITATION and ODOR.

Unlike traditional soaps and alcohol wipes whose decontaminating effects can be short-lived, The Liner Wand system makes cleaning your liner QUICK and EASY, while delivering a deeper clean that lasts up to TWO WEEKS WITH ONE APPLICATION.

The Liner Wand uses a sponge tip to deep-clean the surface and apply a single thin coating of our patented Apocrine™ solution. The application of this solution creates a protective titanium barrier that helps decontaminate your liner and remove the bacteria by-products that cause odor and skin irritation.

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Why Amputees Are Becoming Members

Prosthetist Approved | Compatible with ALL Liners

Because The Liner Wand is more than just a product. When you become a The Liner Wand member, you also become part of our unique amputee community.

As a Liner Wand member, you can access our Monthly ‘Communi-TEE Social’ where you will hear from leading surgeons, psychologists, innovators, and ‘MyLife.MyLiner’ champions as well as getting the opportunity to meet other members of our amputee community via our members-only Facebook Group.

The Liner Wand is also invested in bringing our amputee community together for positive social impact. For every 25 new members we get, we send a free kit to a Veterans Association Member.

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Quarterly Liner Wand Deliveries, With Monthly Payments

Prosthetist Approved | Compatible with ALL Liners

Because we know how important liner care is and how expensive prosthetic management can be, we offer flexible monthly payment plans to spread out the cost.

$29.95 paid monthly. Kits delivered every 3 months. A 3 MONTH KIT includes:

  • 12 Liner Wand Applicators
  • 3 Ergonomic Scrub Brushes
  • 1 Bottle of Non-soap Cleanser (4 oz)

Plus, try The Liner Wand today for just $10 for the first month!

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Prosthesis Recommended

“JT is a 55-year-old male who sustained severe injuries to his lower leg as the result of a work-related injury in 2004. Following several operations, he ultimately underwent a below-knee amputation and was fitted with a BKA prosthesis. Over the intervening years he suffered from significant, chronic dermal infections to his residual limb that required extensive periods of antibiotic therapy, surgical debridement and inability to use his prosthesis. The cultures from the debridements were positive for Corynebacterium, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species. The patient was started on Apocrine applied to the liners once every 2 weeks in early 2018. When last seen in October 2018, he had not had a reoccurrence of folliculitis or hidradenitis and his skin appeared to be smooth, supple, and without any evidence of inflammation.”

– Christopher T. Born, MD, FACS, FAAOS

You Are Not Alone

You are part of a U.S. amputee community of 2.1 Million, and a global community of an estimated 30 Million where...


complain of stigmatizing odors


complain of uncomfortable skin irritation


crave better liner care

But Don’t Take Our Word For It - Here’s What Our Community Is Saying

“I’m usually in my prosthetic from sun up until bedtime and live it Texas so as you can imagine from juggling kiddos …to a busy lifestyle in the 🔥 heat you can imagine having a liner to remain clean and odorless has been a challenge  but thanks to The Liner Wand, that’s a problem of the past!”

– Jen

“I’ve been loving the liner wand and it’s made my life so much more convenient. As a dressage rider, I’m constantly out in the dirt, sweating & hanging with my horse, Raleigh. Keeping my liner disinfected is very important to me! I always wash my liner when I shower, but using the liner wand as an extra step in protecting my stump has left me with such a peace of mind. The steps are easy to follow, they ship automatically to my house & it makes me feel like I’m doing something to help my future self.”

– Alcequine

“I wanted to follow up on your product, it works fantastic!! Been over 3 months since I used it. I have been very active. So much that I lost 20 lbs and my liners don’t smell, really at all. Thank you for letting me try out this amazing product. It’s going to help so many others out there.”

– OneLeggedSpartan


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