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Designed by doctors. Used by amputees.

Liner funk cramping your style? Skin irritation causing you pain?
It’s time for a change!

The Liner Wand “deep cleans” prosthetic liners, leaving behind a “protective shield” that protects against future bacterial byproduct buildup for two weeks.

  • Stops odor for 2 weeks
  • Reduces skin irritation
  • Prosthetist approved
  • Compatible with all prosthetic liners

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The Liner Wand is different!

“Liners aren’t cheap and when you have them you need to take really good care of them. Sometimes when I’m working out when its intense and hot, the suction starts to slip, I have to take my prostheses off, wipe it down, and put it back on, but when I’m using these wands consistently that has happened much less often”

– Amy

“Honestly I wasn’t sure if this product would work. But it’s kept my sweat down dramatically. I use to take off my liner knowing it’s going to be super sweaty and stinky but after using your product it’s reduced all of it. Because of your product I can skip days on cleaning vs cleaning everyday. Plus it’s way easier then using soap and water and getting the outside of the liner wet.”

– Donny

“I’ve been loving the liner wand & it’s made my life so much more convenient. As a dressage rider, I’m constantly out in the dirt, sweating & hanging with my horse, Raleigh. Keeping my liner disinfected is very important to me! I always wash my liner when I shower, but using the liner wand as an extra step in protecting my stump has left me with such a peace of mind. The steps are easy to follow, they ship automatically to my house & it makes me feel like I’m doing something to help my future self.”

– Alyssa

“I haven’t had a single episode of Folliculitis since using The Liner Wand.”

– Melissa

74% of amputees experience skin issues!

Soap is Scum!

The first rule of liner odor is you don’t talk about liner odor. But, the truth is, prosthetic liners stink, literally! If you’re using soap and water, you may be making matters worse. Because soap can leave residue (“scum”) that contains fat, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

The solution? The Liner Wand Non-Soap Cleanser. In addition to being soap-free, Liner Wand Non-Soap Cleanser is fragrance-free, pH-balanced, and specially engineered to be sensitive on both your liner and skin.

So, ditch the soap! Order Liner Wand Soap-Free Cleanser today and knockout liner odor!


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How The Liner Wand works

The Liner Wand’s unique chemistry pulls dirt, debris and bacterial byproducts from deep within the pores of your liner and leaves behind a protective shield against future bacterial byproduct buildup for up to two weeks.

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