BI Medical Seeks Strategic Buyer to Revolutionize Limb Loss Hygiene Care Worldwide

November 14th, 2023, Providence, RI - BI Medical, a visionary leader in the O&P healthcare industry, is seeking a strategic buyer to help scale adoption of its proprietary hygiene technology across the limb loss community, both nationally and globally.

Elizabeth Stone, CEO emphasizes, "As our user base continues to grow, we are more convinced than ever that our technology can create a lasting impact within the limb loss community. To achieve our ambitious goals, we need the scale of a distributor or partner with clinical leadership in the O&P industry and a shared passion for establishing a 'standard-of-care' for amputee hygiene. Without this, serving our patients and providers will likely no longer be possible."

BI Medical is accepting initial interest through 2/1/24 and hopes to complete the sale of the business by Q2/2024. Interested parties should contact BI Medical, Elizabeth Stone: before 2/1/24.

Company History:

Over the past eight years, BI Medical, the proud home of The Liner Wand hygiene product, has exhibited a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of amputees as they navigate the challenges of living with prosthetic limbs. The Liner Wand, a groundbreaking hygiene solution clinically proven to reduce skin irritation and odor in prosthetic liners, is at the forefront of this endeavor.

Through a multitude of on-line community programs, extensive outreach efforts, and comprehensive health surveys, the Company has worked tirelessly to understand and meet the unique needs of amputees."Our dedication to developing a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) approach has allowed us to provide essential products, resources, and services directly to those who need them most, ensuring quick and convenient access to our technology. We've managed to harness collective wisdom and experience to drive positive change." said Elizabeth Stone, CEO of BI Medical.
Stone and her dedicated team have forged strong partnerships with many esteemed organizations and advocacy groups, including the Amputee Coalition (AC), Amplitude and others. Additionally, they have established invaluable collaborations with Vocational Counselors across numerous states, offering crucial support to amputees on their journey toward vocational rehabilitation.

BI Medical has also taken significant steps to engage with Workers' Compensation departments in over 15 states, providing much-needed hygiene solutions to individuals with work-related injuries. Furthermore, the company is proud to be working closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) across the nation, with the aim of delivering an elevated level of care to veterans who have experienced limb loss.

The company's innovative hygiene solution has not only made an impact domestically but has also been successfully introduced internationally, bringing meaningful change to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey.

With the right strategic buyer BI Medical hopes to continue to make a profound difference in the lives of those who have experienced limb loss nationally and globally.