Prosthetic Liners – Battling the Odor Issue!


Amputees know that good hygiene practices are essential to keep the skin on the residual limb healthy and free from ulcers, infections, sores, and other irritations. Equally important is the care of the liner, which can absorb perspiration, harbor bacteria causing skin problems, infection, fungus buildup, and odor.

Fungal infections are common on the skin and occur regularly in areas that are damp and warm, and this includes the residual limb under the prosthesis. Fungal spores are also likely to live on socks or silicone liners.

Amputees who develop fungal infections may find it difficult to prevent transmitting that infection to the liner. It is often almost impossible to remove fungal growths from the liner once they are established. It is far easier to prevent them from becoming embedded in the liner system.

Then there is the issue of odor, which no matter how diligent one is about hygiene, the odor can be difficult to overcome. Options to combat it include deodorant, alcohol wipes, bleach solutions, and even Febreze, but the results are not long-lasting.

An easier way to clean and protect your liner from that funky smell is using The Liner Wand, a system that deep cleans the liner and protects it for two weeks with one application. It utilizes Apocrine™ technology, which is a proprietary formulation of titanium silver carboxylate.

Applying a single thin coating of Apocrine™ solution creates a protective titanium barrier that helps decontaminate the liner and remove the bacteria byproducts that cause odor and skin irritation. The coating remains chemically bonded to the liner, releasing antimicrobial silver ions over a period of two weeks.

Here’s how the system works:
The Liner Wand kit includes a soft bristle brush and liner-safe cleansing solution. First, gently scrub the interior of your liner to remove surface debris. After cleaning, air dry your liner thoroughly.
Then, use The Liner Wand prefilled applicators to brush on an even coat of the Apocrine™ solution. Two applicators are necessary to cover the entire liner surface.

The coating will air dry in just a few minutes and you are fully protected for two weeks!

Daily cleaning with The Liner Wand non-soap and scrub brush will remove daily residue build-up but will not remove the protective coating.