Apocrine™ Prosthetic Liner Coating

ApocrineTM Prosthetic Liner Coating Evaluating a New Product to Minimize Prosthetic Liner Contamination & Odor

Michael Nunnery, CPO and Christopher Born, MD, FACS, FAAOS
ABSTRACT: Contamination of the gel lining interface of lower limb prosthetic devices by bacterial waste is nearly universal. In
most cases, contamination leads to strong odors and an increased risk of skin irritation or infection. Contamination is highly distressing yet currently not preventable. It potentially threatens the health and quality of life of amputees. No product currently on the market addresses these common issues for more than a few hours. The Apocrine Prosthetic Liner Coating, a liquid application developed and tested by an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, scientists, and prosthetists, is designed to provide long-lasting odor reduction, enhanced hygiene, decontamination, deep cleaning, and increased user comfort for over two weeks. Apocrine has the potential to become the standard of care for lower limb prosthetic hygiene. Test data and field testing suggest Apocrine will fundamentally improve the personal and professional lives of millions of vulnerable amputees.

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