5 ‘Life Hacks’ for Amputees that are too good to miss!

Written by Ali Lannom

We 100% believe in the adage of “working smarter, not harder”. Here are some tips and tricks to make some of your daily activities just that little bit easier!

Grocery bag game changer. How many extra plastic grocery bags do you have lying around? I’m going to take a good guess and say that you have plenty! Putting on pants, whether you are an above or below-the-knee amputee, isn’t an easy task. Try placing a plastic grocery bag over your shoe on the prosthetic device. This will help pants slide on with ease!

Shelf liner showdown. This 99 cent item can turn slippery surfaces into a stick and stay place! My above-the-knee friends – does your prosthesis slide when you sit on the commode? You can place a small piece on the seat, and BOOM! Instant grip! This stuff is also great for upper extremity amputees to use in the kitchen to help items stay in place during meal preparation.

The Handy Bar. Standing up from a low surface, like a car, can be difficult after sitting for a long time. This portable vehicle support is a removable handlebar that inserts into your door to provide leverage, making getting out of a car easy! You can get this item on Amazon for ~$10 – $14.

Sweat Control. Switch your undergarments to a polyester/spandex blend. It can offer some relief and control friction in the socket in above-knee level amputees. Some also find that applying antiperspirant (not deodorant) on the limb the night before activity helps. Generally, the unscented version is the least aggravating. The key is that the antiperspirant’s aluminum level needs to be a minimum of 12-15% to achieve a functional decrease in perspiration. Certain-Dri and Arrid XXtra dry have worked well and are both readily available in roll-on and spray.

Custom Cuts. Controlling your residual limb daily volume changes can be difficult. Finding the perfect fit does not always come with the standard 5,3 or 1 ply. If you have several of one particular size, you can cut the sock to meet your need best, whether it be for the bottom or extra relief at the top!

And yes, we know what you are thinking! Where have you been all my life?