Kristin Hocker

Kristin lives in the coastal town of Rowayton, CT outside of NYC. Kristin has four children, ages 13-21, who have been a constant encouragement for a life lived actively and fully. "It's other people- some found me, some I connected with, some have always been there for me- who have absolutely heightened my mental stamina. I believe we do it better when we figure it out together." It was six years ago that Kristin became an AKA. Following her first year of healing with rehab, prosthetists, and PT, the physical and mental work continued. Through efforts meeting with prosthetic professionals, connecting with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and networking with amputees, Kristin realized she wanted someday to do the same so many had been doing for her- to teach, share new ideas and connect. Kristin is a full-time public relations professional and currently president on a non-profit foundation. She has a daily fitness routine and uses outdoor activities to keep adapting her abilities.