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The Standard of Care in Liner Hygiene

Prosthetic liners trap heat, moisture, and dead skin. All of these things add up to SKIN IRRITATION, DISCOMFORT, and ODOR.

The Liner Wand System can help!

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The Liner Wand System

The Liner Wand System combines Apocrine™ with a silver-based solution that decontaminates your liner and creates a flexible titanium interface between your prosthetic and your skin.

Our clinically proven and integrated system offers:

  • A sponge-tipped applicator that removes debris
  • A silver solution that removes microbial byproducts
  • Apocrine™, which forms a protective layer against bacteria and fungi

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How to use The Liner Wand in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Clean
Using our soft bristle brush and liner-safe cleanser solution, gently scrub the interior of your liner to remove surface debris.

Step 2: Dry
Air drying your liner is best. Using a cloth or other materials can sometimes leave a residue that is not favorable.

Step 3: Apply
Use The Liner Wand pre-filled applicators to brush on an even coat of Apocrine solution. Two applicators will be necessary to cover the entire liner surface.

Step 4: Dry
Allow the Apocrine coating to air dry in just a few minutes! You’re now fully protected for two weeks until your next application.

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