Tim became an amputee 7 years ago from a motorcycle accident. (He still rides!) They tried to save the leg for almost two years but the decision had to finally be made to amputate. He had incredible support from his friends and family and did research and had the ERTL procedure by Dr. Ertl in Oklahoma. Since his insurance company would not cover the procedure, his friends came together and raised over $100,000 in a matter of days. Tim is very humbled to have been the recipient of such an incredible group of friends and family since he had spent much of my life raising funds for non-profits. This has allowed him to purchase legs that his insurance would not cover.

He has been an athlete all of his life and he took on the challenge to get back to his ‘New Normal.” He is a Cultural Architect for a living but has many other loves. He has a band that performs at wineries, bars, and special events. They perform 70’s rock, Country, and music that he has written. He is an artist, woodworker, welder, and writer. The book he wrote this year is now becoming a movie next year and it hasn’t even been published yet!

Tim is also an inventor and just received his first patent on a device that he believes amputees will love to use. He has been married to an incredible woman for 37 years and has three kids, two of who are married and he is now Papa to two grandchildren.