Doug Falcon is an above the knee amputee who lives in Mississippi.

At eight years of age, when he was getting off a school bus, he was run over by a dump truck. He spent 10 months in the hospital but an infection set in and they had to amputate his leg below the knee. 6 months after, he learned to walk and run again and started to play tee-ball.

He moved around with his family a lot and settled in Mississippi in the early ’70s where he started to play school football in the 7th grade. From the 10th grade until his senior year, he studied martial arts and is now a 1st-degree black belt.

Now later on in life, he has gotten into riding Harleys and no he hasn’t wrecked yet! Now at 64, he is an AK and certified scuba diver. Don’t let anyone say you can’t!

Favorite quote: “Never Give Up!”