The Liner Wand offering the first deep cleaning prosthetic liner coating clinically proven to reduce skin irritation and odor, completed a series of educational programs during September 2021 featuring amputees who are veterans of the United States armed forces.

As part of TLW’s “Take Back Tuesday” sessions during the month, army veteran and below knee adaptive athlete Fritz Rudy addressed how adaptive sports and being part of the adaptive tribe helped him reclaim his life post-amputation, including dealing with setbacks and training for competitions. Derrick Ross, a medically retired army combat engineer, described his experience of being severely injured by an improvised explosive device, his recovery, dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, and how he has adapted to find his life’s purpose. Lastly, Stephanie Vazquez, army veteran and Purple Heart recipient, discussed her recovery after her left leg was amputated below the knee following 18 limb salvage surgeries from severe injuries sustained in a firefight while on patrol in Afghanistan. During the session, Vazquez explained how participating in sled hockey, horseback riding, and snowboarding helped her to get control of her life and become active again.

The Liner Wand’s “Communi-TEE Social” event on Fri., Sept. 24, featured an overview of the resources available to amputees through Veterans Affairs organizations, allowing them to live their best lives.

“We were honored to share the amazing and inspirational stories of these individuals who have overcome hardship to lead fulfilling lives,” said Elizabeth Stone, MBA, The Liner Wand chief executive officer. “Our goal was to give these veterans the chance to share their stories and positively impact others who may be struggling as well as to offer ways for veteran amputees to receive the services that they need. We were extremely satisfied with the results, and we are starting to plan a program for amputees that will be done in conjunction with Veterans Day.”

The Liner Wand features Apocrine™, a patented titanium-based technology that makes cleaning prosthetic liners quick and easy while delivering a deeper clean that lasts up to two weeks with one application. Designed as the “standard of care in prosthetics hygiene,” the single thin-film coating of Apocrine™ solution creates a protective barrier that helps decontaminate the liner or skin fit and remove the bacteria by-products that cause odor and skin irritation.

The Liner Wand, the first clinically proven, prosthetist recommended prosthetic liner care and hygiene system, features a proprietary system that effectively addresses the liner hygiene challenges of more than 2.1 million amputees in the United States alone.

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