Welcome to Adapting Together With Footless Jo and Ali C; An Honest Conversation. Footless Jo is a Right Leg below the knee amputee that has found a passion for sharing her story, advice, and pretty much everything in between on social media. Ali C is the Social Community Manger for The Liner Wand, a hygiene cleaning company that is the first of its kind, dedicating its product to benefit the limb loss community! These two ladies have joined forced and created a mini 3 part series that strives to debunk the stigma of what it is like being Disabled / Abled. We are all human, so let’s start treating each other the way we all deserved to be treated.

Episode 1; How Do We Adapt together ~ The Beginning~ covers a lot of ground! Who Jo and Ali are, how they met, what the main purpose of this series is, the awkwardness that comes with addressing this topic, and much more! We are not perfect, so bare with us as we tackle our first episode! We are excited to share this journey with you all and hope you enjoy!